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If It Ain’t Broke, Jay Leno Has No Plans to Fix It

“We will probably lose the couch and the desk and just do more things. We’ll still have celebrities. There will still be a monologue, the stuff that works, headlines, and Jaywalking.” —Jay Leno doesn’t have any new ideas for his new show [Boston Globe]

“It has actually no meaning whatsoever. Chris used to be embarrassed by it.” —>Neil Tennant on the meaningless origin of their band name, Pet Shop Boys [CNN]

“I got to shoot five guns and drive a motorcycle and dye half my hair blue. It was so fun to be out of corsets.”—Emmy Rossum on shaking the period costumes for Dragonball: Evolution [LAT]

“@NeilDiamond, I am a huge fan of yours. We should do a collaboration — Neil Diamond meets my band Limp Bizkit. Sounds fresh.” —Fred Durst tweeting Neil Diamond [Guardian UK]

“@freddurst I’d love to, where and when?” —Neil Diamond tweeting Fred Durst [Guardian UK]

“Brandi is a wonderful, loving, kind person. No, really, Brandi is the worst. I’ve played a few bad characters in my day, but I think she’s the worst. She works at the makeup counter, and she’s very proud of that fact. She’s really vain, she’s really bitchy, and I always imagined she was incredibly stupid, too.” —Anna Faris on her charming character in Observe and Report [AV Club]

If It Ain’t Broke, Jay Leno Has No Plans to Fix It