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Eminem Thanks Lil Wayne and T.I. for Saving Hip-hop in His Absence

“I stayed up on the music, and obviously I watch TV and saw what was going on. And without naming any names, it just felt like hip-hop was going downhill. And it seemed like kinda fast. You know, in them three years, it was like everybody just cares about the hook and the beat; nobody really cares about substance. But with this new T.I. album, with this new Lil Wayne album of recent, it seems like things are looking a lot better now. You can appreciate Lil Wayne using different words to rhyme and actually rhyming words that you know. Or TI, where you hear shit and you’re like ‘Whoa, ah, I wish I would have thought of that!’ You know what I mean? Or you hear all the compound-syllable rhyming and all that. It just seems like now the craft is getting cared about more.” —Eminem gives credit where credit is due [Contact Music]

“I think a treadmill is better than a node … because the node is just a box for the treadmill. Nobody says, ‘Hey, my mom bought me a Nike box.’ They want the shoes that are inside.” —Stephen Colbert is happy to have a treadmill, not a node, named after him [CNN]

“I’m looking for someone I can spend the rest of my life with … or at least the rest of my probation.” —Lindsay Lohan in her fake eHarmony ad [Fox]

“It’s all musicals!” —Zac Efron on what’s on his iPod [MTV]

“I was with my friend at a bar, not drinking, but hanging out and playing video golf — Golden Tee. They told me they wanted to take my tape to the network, but before that, I had to sign a contract, because if they like it … And I was like, “Okay. I’ll be home in a little while.” I was just hanging out, playing Golden Tee with my buddy. And then they called again and they’re like, ‘No, no, no, they want you to go home and sign the thing.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I know, I’m leaving in like 20 minutes. Give me a break.’ I continue to play Golden Tee, and they called again. So I finally went home, like, ‘All right,’ and signed it.” —Will Arnett on playing hard to get (and video golf) before signing on for Arrested Development [AV Club]

“I’ve been thinking about kinda putting something online: ‘Choose his name’ … You get a couple stacks for that. We take care of you for that. You win something real.” —Nas wants help naming his and Kelis’s expected child [MTV]

Eminem Thanks Lil Wayne and T.I. for Saving Hip-hop in His Absence