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What Corey Haim Really Wants to Do Is Direct

“I want to direct. Definitely a goal of mine. I want to direct sci-fi, definitely not horror. Horror movies, man, the blood entails so much time. And horror movies are not fun, definitely not starting there as a director. Definitely not horror. I’d like to do something like License to Drive. Maybe some cool animation? I’m just kicking ideas around. I really like dramas, and horror movies are second … well, if I can get past the blood, I’m good to go. Then third, comedy is where it’s at for me, so that’s always number one, but maybe I’ll mix it up and make it a dramedy? And I’ll start directing from there.” —Corey Haim on his hopes, dreams, and aspirations [/Film]

“Mass media had no overwhelming reach so I was drawn to the traveling performers passing through. The side show performers — bluegrass singers, the black cowboy with chaps and a lariat doing rope tricks. Miss Europe, Quasimodo, the Bearded Lady, the half-man half-woman, the deformed and the bent, Atlas The Dwarf, the fire-eaters, the teachers and preachers, the blues singers. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got close to some of these people. I learned about dignity from them. Freedom too. Civil rights, human rights. How to stay within yourself.” —Bob Dylan on being inspired by sideshow performers [Contact Music]

“I started to think, ‘Ok, this guy really likes me.’ Like in the Hollywood way where I’m going to be the lead in his next movie. I’m like, he’s going to make a movie about aliens who come down and there’s a trick ending, and it’s gonna be me! We go to the next place, we’re hanging out. … Another hour passes, he goes to the bathroom, he comes back, and then … I realize it’s not M. Night Shyamalan. It’s just an Indian guy who looks a lot like M. Night Shyamalan! I hightailed it out of there. I felt dirty.” —Matthew Perry on spending an evening with an M. Night Shyamalan look-alike [Contact Music]

“I got really sick, like, right when I got there … You can see me … and I was holding in vomit … I was shaking … Somebody said, ‘Were you crying?’” —Christina Applegate had a visceral reaction when sitting in the audience of American Idol [Contact Music]

“I saw a unicorn with a dildo as a horn, running into a field full of breasts and then I realized someone was videotaping me watching the unicorn and they kept throwing beads at me. It felt kinda rapey, so I left.” —Paul Scheer on what happened when he partied with Joe Francis in Las Vegas [Wooooo Magazine]

“It’s like if I’m in a pub in London, after about 15 minutes someone may recognise me because they have time to look at my face. But in most cases people wouldn’t expect to see me in some small town in Germany or something. If someone’s at Auschwitz they’re not looking for movie stars.” —Viggo Mortensen on the sorts of places an actor can go to be anonymous [Guardian UK]

What Corey Haim Really Wants to Do Is Direct