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Joss Whedon Has No Plans to Fall for His Leading Lady, Eliza Dushku

“Oh my god! Eliza’s just almost hard to look at and, um, is well aware of it. [But] she’s very good natured about it. She is ridiculously beautiful. I said to her one time that I was just so happy not to be in love with her, because I couldn’t imagine how awful that would be. I don’t think she understood it was a compliment.” —Joss Whedon does not have a crush on Eliza Dushku [Wizard Universe]

“If you come to our concerts, it’s not just a bunch of old people.” —Depeche Mode’s Andy Fletcher on how they are still cool [USAT]

“I’m gradually beginning to feel that we Chinese need to be controlled. If we’re not being controlled, we’ll just do what we want.” —Jackie Chan is in support of the Chinese censorship policies [Guardian UK]

“Israel and Palestine should both be bombed … with Ramones records.” —Henry Rollins on peace in the Middle East [Spinner]

“I don’t know. I’m not too interested in fighting no more. I don’t got the same desire … to strike somebody in anger that I once had. It’s just not the same.” —Mike Tyson on being all mellow now [Fox]

“People who say this is exploitative are bullshit. Anyone who is a naysayer should pull a stick out of their you know what. You know? Get a heart and get into the art and the life and celebrate with us all; don’t be on the other side — it’s really not fun over there.” —Drew Barrymore defending Grey Gardens [Daily Beast]

Joss Whedon Has No Plans to Fall for His Leading Lady, Eliza Dushku