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Robert Pattinson Is Pretty Sure Being Famous Isn’t for Everyone

“I’m always really worried about ruining their lives. Especially with people that aren’t famous. It’s such a massive change. I’m kind of a paranoid wreck. It’s getting photographed. You have people who analyse your facial expressions to the tiniest degree. So you’re just trying to avoid getting photographed. You’re like, ‘Jesus, you can’t win.’” —Robert Pattinson on fame getting to his love life [Contact Music]

“It’s funny, the first thing the studio tells you is, ‘Well you get one ‘Fuck,’ so use it big! Open the movie with one FUUUCK!’ And I’m like, ‘No. If they don’t curse, they don’t curse. They don’t say shit, asshole, cocksucker, and it became decent people, which was nice to have.”’ —Dito Montiel on making his PG-13 movie Fighting [Cinema Blend]

“My brother is an electrical engineer for Chevron. We spent a weekend coming up with these formulas. It was a game to play. Yes, the formulas worked before my publisher got its hands on them. The real recipes made it all the way to typeset, but then somebody freaked out. They asked me to change one ingredient in every recipe to make them useless.” —Chuck Palahniuk on the bomb recipes in Fight Club [Playboy]

“I recently did a Shakespeare course because they don’t teach Shakespeare properly in American schools. But I suppose as with any play it is about finding the right cast and actors and script for you.” —Mischa Barton realizes that landing a Shakespeare role isn’t going to be a breeze [Contact Music]

“The nasty bitch is back in town … I don’t take the nastiness off set but sometimes when the paparazzi get in my face, Georgina comes out.” —Michelle Trachtenberg is (or isn’t?) as nasty as her Gossip Girl character in real life [TV Watch/People]

“You have a billion-dollar box office year and you start wondering if there isn’t more to you. Maybe I’m more than I thought. Nope.” —Robert Downey Jr. had moments of ego inflation after Iron Man and Tropic Thunder [Female First]

Robert Pattinson Is Pretty Sure Being Famous Isn’t for Everyone