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Liev Schreiber Describes the Struggles of Dating a Movie Star

“As an actor, I think I’d never kind of reached the heights of fame that Naomi had, and so when she came into my life it was a real test on our relationship. I didn’t like that she was bringing all that attention with her and I think I probably blamed her for it in the beginning.” —Liev Schreiber on his jealousy of Naomi Watts! [Female First]

“I had so much fun, because I’m a lover — I’m not a fighter. But I got to fight!” —Beyoncé on fighting Ali Larter in Obsessed [MTV]

“She did it in four-inch heels.” —Ali Larter on fighting Beyoncé in Obsessed [MTV]

“People think I’m lying … We had these dreadful secondhand cars that would always die a death, or we’d go on holiday to Cornwall, come back and it would have been nicked (stolen). It’s like a Joe Orton farce, my family. Honestly, it was hand-me-down shoes and 10p pocket money on a Saturday that didn’t go up until I was 11.” —Kate Winslet really did come from a poor family [British Marie Claire via Contact Music]

“Oh. The house party was pretty exciting. There’s a trampoline in the middle, and there’s girls jumping in pajamas with their butt-flaps open. It was incredible. I’ve never seen anything like it.” —Rumer Willis on an interesting-sounding scene in the forthcoming Sorority Row [MTV]

“I went in for one episode, directed by the Russo brothers. And during the scene when I meet the family as the lawyer, I just all of a sudden saw a Danish and thought, ‘Oooh!’ And I took a napkin and took a Danish and put it in my briefcase. They allowed me to do that, and we were off and running, and then I was invited back for two and a half years.” —Henry Winkler on how a baked good landed him a role on Arrested Development [AV Club]

Liev Schreiber Describes the Struggles of Dating a Movie Star