Southland: Jimmy Barrett, Bleeped Swears, and Sh*t!

Ubiquity, thy name is Fischler.

Seeing how Vulture commenters were pretty much split as to whether they enjoyed the series premiere of Southland last week, we decided we’d watch Vulture hero Ben Silverman’s latest shot at broadcast-network immortality with our own two eyes last night. And guess what? We found it to be a very watchable (and, at times, mildly riveting) hour of television. That’s not meant to damn the show with faint praise, mind you, it’s just that we normally loathe the cop-drama format. However, this show has a few things going for it. First off, any show that has the wherewithal to cast Jimmy Barrett (a.k.a. Patrick Fischler) in a supporting role earns a nod of approval from us. Second, we applaud the insanity of the writers to write swear words directly into their scripts, even though they know they’re gonna get bleeped when they make it on air (it’s kind of like Action in this regard). Third, we’re pretty sure that last night’s episode was the first time we’d ever seen actual excrement (or, at least, something that looked a lot like shit) on network TV. If you’re brave enough, follow along for a NSFW clip.

You sure about this? We warned you. Baby-diaper shit stains coming up!

You’ve been warned!


Southland [NBC]

Southland: Jimmy Barrett, Bleeped Swears, and Sh*t!