Terminator Salvation Is PG-13, Pizza Hut–Approved

Despite director McG’s sincere wishes to release a film with female toplessness, it appears that Warner Bros. has made him edit Terminator Salvation for a PG-13 rating. Even worse news for fans hoping for a fourquel into which only children with parental guardians would be admitted? The fact that this news comes to us via a website advertising the movie’s tie-in with Pizza Hut.

Salvation will be the first-ever Terminator movie deemed suitable for 13-year-olds, which means the violence and profanity will likely not be as intense as in previous ones, or even as it was on set during the filming of Christian Bale’s scenes. The first three installments also earned their ‘R’s with brief full-frontal nudity when Arnold Schwarzenegger first arrived naked from the future, so unless society has really coarsened since Watchmen was released last month, everyone will probably keep their pants on in this one.

But what of Pizza Hut’s standards? Have they really fallen so far that the company could endorse a sanitized, non-objectionable Terminator film containing no nudity of any kind? (We remember when Subway, makers of foot-long sandwiches, happily agreed to promote T2, one of the wang-showing ones.) The chain is offering a deal for anyone named Sarah Connor or John Connor to get a “free medium one-topping pizza” on May 21, though, if their food still tastes like we remember, we’re inclined to believe that Skynet is behind this whole thing.

TERMINATOR SALVATION is officially PG13 according to Pizza Hut?!?! [Ain’t It Cool News]
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Terminator Salvation Is PG-13, Pizza Hut–Approved