T.R. Knight Shipping Out on Grey’s Anatomy?

Katherine Heigl’s brain-tumored Doctor Stevens isn’t the only Grey’s Anatomy MD with an uncertain fate! According to EW’s Michael Ausiello — SPOILER ALERT! — T.R. Knight’s Dr. O’Malley, previously rumored to be leaving the show, is joining the Army as a medic and, just before season’s end, will be injured on the battlefield, leaving viewers, as well as Knight, in the dark over whether he’ll return next fall.

Says Ausiello (who’s way worse than we are about putting spoilers in headlines, by the way):

“T.R. doesn’t know whether George lives or dies,” explains a source close to the show. “And, as a result, he doesn’t know whether or not he has to come back next season.” Legally speaking, Grey’s creator Shonda Rhimes has until mid-June to decide whether to drop Knight — and all indications are she will use every last second of that time. Some are suggesting she may be forcing Knight to sweat it out as payback for wanting to jump ship. (The two have had a strained relationship since the Isaiah Washington blowup in 2006.)

We’ll give it to Rhimes — we may not like her show, but we completely approve of her hilarious methods.

Bye, George! Is ‘Grey’s’ killing off T.R. Knight? [Ausiello Files/EW]
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T.R. Knight Shipping Out on Grey’s Anatomy?