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Vicious Nacho Cheese Turf War Breaks Out at ShoWest

Today’s New York Times takes a sobering look at the current state of ShoWest, the annual shindig where motion-picture studios glad hand with the people responsible for delivering a positive in-theater moviegoing experience to the public, the multiplex honchos. While the majority of the piece concentrates on how cost cutting and theater consolidation has diminished the importance of the convention (boring!), there was one nugget in the piece that struck us as being particularly awesome: NACHO CHEESE WARS!

Up until this point, there has been one dominant player in the lucrative nacho cheese sector of the concession industry: San Antonio’s Rico’s Nacho Cheese Sauce company. Rico’s is the O.G. of the chip-n-cheese biz, having invented the entire concept of nachos as a concession food (!) way back in 1977. However, an upstart company out of Cincinnati called FUNacho has taken the convention by storm, threatening Rico’s dominance of the chip-and-cheese market with their amazing, two-sentence tagline “Tastes Great! Hot or Cold!” And while we’re not sure that anyone with an IQ over 80 would ever eat nacho cheese cold, we’ll admit that their recession-friendly sales pitch (“We believe that low cost doesn’t have to be low end”) is quite stirring.

So, which company is going to win this high-stakes battle for nacho supremacy? At this point, the race is too close to call. However, you can bet that Vulture will be keeping a watchful eye on what is promising to be the most vicious Hollywood rivalry since the famed Lohan/Duff Skirmish of 2004.

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Vicious Nacho Cheese Turf War Breaks Out at ShoWest