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Week in Review: Our Real Name Is Dick Whitman, Too

Oh boy, another week is just about to bite the proverbial dust. No matter where your interests lie, we did our darndest to make your blog-reading experience as pleasant as possible. What follows is a series of questions that should help you determine what you should’ve read this week here on Vulture.

Do you like shirtless bohunks? If so, we’ve got one hyphenated phrase for you: CHEST-OFF! Hey, Russell Crowe and Vince Vaughn, no one invited you.

Do you like movies? Let’s hope so. If you like good movies, you should start getting excited for Cannes, Funny People, and the love-struck Manohla Dargis’s new fave, The Soloist. (And if you’re a dude, get ready for some dick flicks.) You might want to avoid The Informers and Earth, though. Don’t forget short films, either!

Tell us how you feel about music. No matter if you like Prince, the La’s, not-a-supergroup supergroups, Twitter jams, or rapping cast members of Degrassi, we had you covered. Tough break for Oasis fans, though.

Just into random, weird stuff? No sweat, yo. Evan Rachel Wood was named the Sausage King of Chicago Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Guillermo del Toro trashed Twilight, Mickey Rourke threatened to ram jam Joel McHale, a Slumdog star was briefly for sale, and Michael Bay invented space bridges.

Art, anyone? The Met’s got a great show coming up, you discovered that you’ll be able to stay cool all summer long at the Metropolitan Opera, and you debated the veracity of a crucifix allegedly constructed by Michelangelo (but most likely not).

What about literature? Our Vulture Reading Room kicked off with Wetlands, the Pulitzers were announced, and Random House will finally be getting around to publishing another Dan Brown novel. And oh yeah, there’s that whole blog-book thing, too.

What a week! Until Monday …

Week in Review: Our Real Name Is Dick Whitman, Too