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What You’re Missing on Zac Efron’s Imaginary Twitter

“I’m on the toilet. Still on the toilet. Guys, dot-dot-dot, out of TP. Still on the toilet.” —Zac Efron on what he’s not posting on Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace [People]

“That’s not me on Twitter. I have never partaken in any social networking avenue on the internet. I’m not on Facebook, I’m not on MySpace. I’m especially not on Twitter. But apparently there is a fake me on there.” —Seth Rogen on his nonexistent Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts [Female First]

“Me? I die in every film that I’m in this year. They’re just gonna have to keep on killing me. I’ll keep coming back, until they realise what’s hot and make flicks for bitches like me.” —Michelle Rodriguez on how Hollywood can’t kill her, baby [Female First]

“I’ve finally got ‘round to a book but I can’t remember anything.” —Ozzy Osbourne on wondering what he’s done in his life [Spinner]

“I’m fully aware that when some people hear my name in a musical context, it’s not often equated to anything earth-shattering.” —Mandy Moore on her ho-hum reputation [Spinner]

“And to hang out with the guy playing me dressed in my shirt? It’s gross. It’s like that scene in Being John Malkovich, and you enter his head. It’s the ultimate narcissism. I found it gross. Is that weird? I don’t know.” —Evan Wright, Generation Kill author, on being on the set of Generation Kill [Daily Beast]

What You’re Missing on Zac Efron’s Imaginary Twitter