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Ben Silverman’s Topless Jam Session Was for the Children

Actor Rob Morrow — who’s been in lots of movies and television shows but will now forever be known only as the cinematographer behind the video of a blues-singing, towel-wearing Ben Silverman that hit the Internet this week — has left a comment on Nikki Finke’s blog defending his topless friend. According to Morrow, the locker room jam session, which featured Fisher Stevens on harmonica, was all in the spirit of charity.

“The bottom line is; we were trying, in that locker room, as we got dressed, to write/rehearse something for Fisher to do at a benefit for kids that was in an hour. Take a look at the entire video (go to youtube and search At the end Fish does a really sweet/funny version of what we came up with. It is unfortunate that this celebration of a very worthwhile charity had to be taken out of context and weaponized. Ultimately, mean spiritedness delivers no end and tends to go round and round…”

The benefit in question was one for Aspen Youth Experience, a charity whose stated mission is to “empower at-risk teens and young adults to over-come their obstacles and achieve their potential by providing transforming experiences.” So before you watch that video again and laugh, it’s probably a good idea to think about all the young lives affected by Silverman’s shirtlessness. And just imagine what he could’ve accomplished if he’d dropped the towel!

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Ben Silverman’s Topless Jam Session Was for the Children