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Christina Applegate’s Fans Have a Lot of Work to Do

“I want 10,000 signatures by Monday. Am I being greedy?” —Christina Applegate on her petition to save Samantha Who? [Female First]

”It increased my cool factor. It’s only been lately that people think I’m so serious. I was happy to be able to fool around … It gets to be 2 a.m., and they hand you a bottle of whipped cream and some syrup and things start getting silly.” —Susan Sarandon on “Motherlover” [EW]

“I told Will we have to get some wine if I’m going to do this correctly. I’m not going to front on this song. So we all got a little tipsy.” —Fergie needs to drink to enjoy Black Eyed Peas songs, too [Female First]

“Some people are suing us at the moment and although it was initially a bit depressing, now it’s become really inspiring. You think, ‘Right, if everyone’s trying to take away our best song, then we’d better write 25 better ones.’ And so just at the point where I was thinking about getting fat and becoming complacent, I’ve been finding more inspiration. Now we’ve got more to prove than ever before.” —Chris Martin on staying skinny on lawsuits [Female First]

“I wasn’t starving, but I was an artist with maxed out credit cards and couldn’t pay any of my bills. It was terrible, but at least I didn’t have health care. I still can’t get new credit cards and get turned down even for $10 loans (I should stop applying for $10 loans). I would sell CDs, DVDs, and clothes to CD stores and thrift shops for spending cash. I don’t know if it made me brilliant. It’s hard to say what made me brilliant. Probably growing up a douchebag and Jewish.” —Eugene Mirman on how his stock has barely risen since he achieved some level of success [L Magazine]

“It was myself and this other actor, Sean Masterson, and it was mostly improvised à la Waiting for Guffman. We were Tony the Tiger stalkers, and we were hanging out in Battle Creek, Michigan, at the Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes headquarters, as a Midwestern husband and wife with our camera just ready to see if we could find Tony. And we always had an animated Tony sneaking by us.” —Jane Lynch on the Frosted Flakes commercial directed by Christopher Guest [Arts Beat/NYT]

Christina Applegate’s Fans Have a Lot of Work to Do