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Gamer Trailer Makes Us Nervous About the Future of Video Games

Tagline: “In the future, a new form of entertainment will be unleashed.”

Translation: We’re pretty sure we’ve seen this future before, only last time around it was called The Running Man.

The Verdict: You may be surprised to learn that the latest film from the certifiably insane (and we mean that in the best possible way) directing duo of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor isn’t actually their latest film. Gamer was shot well before the two tag-teamed on Crank: High Voltage, but it’s been collecting dust ever since as the higher-ups at Lionsgate figured out what to do with it. And apparently, they decided to dump it into the box-office wasteland that is Labor Day weekend, where it will open up against the similarly neglected Extract. As far as plot goes, well, we mentioned that it bears a striking resemblance to The Running Man, only swap in Gerard Butler for The Governator and add a newfangled real-life video game element to the proceedings. And although this version is missing the campy talents of Richard Dawson, Michael C. Hall seems hell-bent on making up for it, as he made the – um, let’s say, interesting – choice to channel the spirit and accent of James Carville in his performance as the movie’s villain.

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Gamer Trailer Makes Us Nervous About the Future of Video Games