Imax Has Been Cheating Moviegoers for Years, Says Imax

Last week, after Parks and Recreation gumshoe Aziz Ansari courageously blew the whistle on Imax’s sinister plot to charge moviegoers a five-dollar premium to see films projected on screens barely larger than regular ones, the corporation’s CEO issued a statement in which he claimed the controversy was no big deal, since suckers are still happily paying. At an investors’ conference yesterday, company officials went one hilarious step further.

Reports HR:

Imax officials dealt with the matter by labeling it an old issue that hadn’t kicked up a fuss until now. The average Imax screen size has been just slightly bigger than conventional screens for about six years, ever since the company began offering less expensive Imax-format systems for easier implementation in multiplexes, they noted.

Additionally, even though Imax’s lesser systems cost only $1.5 million to install — rather than the $5 million start-up expenses incurred for the ones you probably think of when you hear the word “Imax” — the company seems to have no immediate plans to differentiate their ticket prices. So you’re probably better off waiting to see Avatar on DVD.

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Imax Has Been Cheating Moviegoers for Years, Says Imax