In Treatment: April Showers Bring Mia Flowers

In Treatment

Week Five: Mia and April
Season 2 Episodes 21 and 22

Mia: Baby-Mama Drama
It’s again all about the needy women in Paul’s (professional) life, but he has his own problems. Mia was furious that he canceled their last appointment, but felt bad after her snooping revealed his father’s death. She’s pregnant — she hopes it’s the young musician’s baby, not the married cop’s, so she can go this alone. Mia wants Paul to be happy and “there” for her. She’s casting him as her baby daddy; he maintains boundaries. She lovingly advises him to take the day off, but how many patients does he have? It’s Mia we’re worried about right now: She’s desperate to have this baby, but she’s in her forties and only three weeks pregnant.

April: Chemo? No
April is transformed: She jokes with Paul with a comfort we haven’t seen before. She’s had imaginary conversations with him about life being worth living. She called her (unmentioned until now) childhood friend Leah to take care of her during a bad night — but she still hasn’t told her parents she has cancer, though she’s wrecked by chemo. And she’s crushed that Paul canceled their last appointment. He resists telling her why; when he finally does, he explains his whole dysfunctional family history. Paul sets a brutal boundary by refusing to take April to chemo again, demanding that she rely on the people in her life. He’s doing well; she’s breaking our hearts.

In Treatment: April Showers Bring Mia Flowers