Update: The Jonas Brothers’ Failing Streak Continues

Nick Jonas: no Hugh Jackman, that’s for sure.

Update: A Disney Channel spokesperson just sent us an email in which she states the network is “not disappointed” in the Jonas Brothers — certainly a relief to us. See it, after the jump.

Uh-oh! Following disappointing returns for Camp Rock and Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience, along with their last album’s embarrassing failure to cure diabetes, comes news that the Jonas Brothers’ new Disney Channel show, JONAS, debuted to unspectacular ratings on Saturday night. The show was watched by a mere 3.2 million viewers between the ages of 6 and 14, which is the approximate number of fans standing outside of Zac Efron’s house on an average weekday. Are the Jonas Brothers over? Is this just a rough patch, or have seventies-style power pop, and abstinence, somehow lost their novelty? Regardless, we’re going to cut this short, since none of our Jonas Brothers posts ever get any traffic, anyway.

Disney’s ‘Jonas’ doesn’t quite pop [Live Feed/HR]

The following is a response that Patti McTeague, the Disney Channel’s Senior Vice President of Media Relations sent us:

Here are the facts which are, of course, contrary to your post today:

Disney Channel is not disappointed in the ratings for the debut of “JONAS” which delivered 4 million total viewers, doubled the channel’s Saturday ratings and defeated Nickelodeon in Total Viewers, Kids 6-11 and Tweens.

“Camp Rock” was TV’s #1 telecast among Tweens 9-14 and cable TV’s most-watched entertainment telecast in Total Viewers (10.1 million) for 2008. The soundtrack shipped 2.5 million units and is certified double-platinum. The DVD of “Camp Rock” was the #3 selling TV property on DVD for 2008 with over one million units sold from August-December (the #1 and #2 rankings were not far off in sales). Hardly disappointing.

Your comment about the Jonas Brothers recent album and “curing diabetes” is at best, disappointing. You may want to know that the album has sold over two million CDs worldwide and more importantly, Jonas Brothers have raised over $1 million dollars for charities that support a cure for diabetes.



ockquote>Patti McTeague

Senior Vice President, Media Relations

Disney Channel

P.S. about the 3D movie – it did quite well, in fact…(over $19 million) but people tend to compare it to the massive results of “Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert.”

If Jonas Brothers 3D Concert Experience had premiered first, IT would be #1. Regardless, it defeats concert films by the likes of U2, Madonna and Rolling Stones. Here’s the rest of the Top 10 list: Madonna: Truth or Dare (15.0), U2 3D (9.8), U2 Rattle and Hum (8.6) Rolling Stones (5.5), Talking Heads (5.1), Prince (3.0), Neil Young (1.9), ‘N Sync (1.8).

Update: The Jonas Brothers’ Failing Streak Continues