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Matthew Goode to Date the Boss’s Daughter

Goode Junction: Matthew Goode has been cast in Cemetery Junction, the Ricky GervaisStephen Merchant dramedy formerly titled The Men at the Pru. Revolving around a group of agents at a seventies insurance office, the flick will feature Goode as a hard-working young man dating his boss’s daughter; Gervais and Ralph Fiennes will co-star. Cast as the three male leads are Christian Cooke, Tom Hughes, and Jack Doolan, who we’ve never heard of before and so are just going to assume are tragically underrated British actors. [HR]

The Big Banderas Theory: Antonio Banderas will star in The Big Bang as a private dick in L.A. who, after being hired to find a missing stripper, ends up in the New Mexico desert with a Russian boxer, three L.A. cops, and “an aging billionaire looking to perfect the nuclear physics equivalent of the Big Bang.” But most bizarre of all? The movie will shoot in Spokane, Washington. [Variety]

Double Your Pleasure: No mystery here: Flash Forward, the Joseph Fiennes sci-fi show that had been heavily teased during Lost’s 100th episode, has been picked up by ABC. Based on the Robert Sawyer novel of the same name, the premise of the show is that everyone on earth has fallen unconscious for two minutes and seventeen seconds and has seen their own lives six months into the future. On an unrelated note, this is possibly our first ever double Fiennes Industry post! The Vulture statisticians will have the official results later today. [Variety]

Health TV: Jamie Oliver will appear in an ABC reality show from Ryan Seacrest Productions, in which the British chef will travel to the unhealthiest places in America and attempt to teach the people there to eat properly. If it never does anything else, the show — inspired by Oliver’s U.K. show Jamie’s School Dinners and a recent segment on Seacrest’s morning radio show — has at least unearthed the most interesting nugget of information you will read all day. Take it away, Ryan Seacrest: “As a kid, I was chubby.” [HR]

Gary Gone: Executive producers Ed Yeager and Ric Swartzlander have left the CBS comedy Gary Unmarried — which stars Jay Mohr as a single dad looking for love — over creative differences. [HR]

No More Mega: T.I. has dropped rapper Alfamega from his label, Grand Hustle, after published a report that Mr. Mega worked as an informant for the DEA. Which, call us crazy, but makes us feel like maybe T.I. — despite a looming one-year jail sentence — is still not quite committed to this whole society-of-law-abiding-citizens thing. [Billboard]

Matthew Goode to Date the Boss’s Daughter