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It’s Raining White Rappers!

Buck 65: White!

Our commenters responded in full force to our History of White People in Rap, and, we gotta say, it warms our hearts — when else are this many obscure rappers going to get the nymag.com shine they so clearly deserve? Here’s your tally so far: Young Black Teenagers, Non Phixion, Jedi Mind Tricks, Mad Child, Edan, Grand Buffet, Buck 65, the Grouch, R.A. the Rugged Man, Princess Superstar, Evidence, Copywrite, and Apathy. And just ‘cause we feel left out of being a grouchy Internet commenter on this post: No 7L & Esoteric? Ugly Duckling? The High & Mighty?! Check yourself, nymag.com.

Also, special mention to KTLincoln, who very rightfully brought up Anticon and provided us with a nice little write-up; super-special mention to everyone who brought our attention to Dee Dee Ramone’s rap side project; and super-duper-special mention to RebeccaRose2004, who made an unbelievable case for a long-shot inclusion: “McGruff the Crime Dog raps. He’s kind of white, right? He’s a cop, so at least he sort of represents “the man”, so he probably deserves a mention. I mean, if you’re going to put K-fed up there, it seems logical.”

Keep ‘em coming.

It’s Raining White Rappers!