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Pitbull Politely Requests That You Refrain From Throwing Money at His Concerts

“I told him, ‘Look, dog, you already got three strikes. Don’t make it rain no more. I’m telling you. I ain’t gonna talk about it no more, I’m just gonna be about it. Don’t do it no more’. Boom, left it alone. I started ‘Bojangles,’ then about a minute later, he comes to the other side of the stage and throws money again. I’m bringing him on stage with no intention of doing nothing to him. When I bring the muthafucka up on the stage, he throws a wad of money in my face. When he did that, that’s when natural reaction … natural instinct kicked in.” —Pitbull on beating up a guy who threw money at his concert [MTV via Contact Music]

“Basically, when I hear the words ‘family drama’ I run in the opposite direction. But the script was like nothing that I felt I’d ever done before; this was not front-loaded dysfunction.” —Willem Dafoe, who just had his privates cut off by his wife in another movie, on signing up for Fireflies in the Garden [Guardian UK]

“I try to fill up in the morning. Especially with this movie, it’s hard to stay really emotional on a full stomach. Like there has to be this weird craving that’s going on if you have to cry. It’s a weird thing.” —Winona Ryder on the tricky dynamic between starving yourself and being able to cry on cue [Elle UK via Contact Music]

“I wouldn’t want to be Alice all the time, that would be horrible. You would either be in the insane asylum or in jail or dead.” —Alice Cooper [Sydney Morning Herald]

“I thought Sam [Raimi], when he asked to meet with me, first of all I was obviously incredibly excited and grew up watching his movies. But, I thought it might have something to do with some sort of clown that comes in intermittently and kind of throws up and juggles something and does bad pratfalls. I think he had seen Live Free or Die Hard, I think, and that’s where it came from. In Die Hard I’m hopefully not as goofy and comedic as I’ve been. I’m glad he didn’t see certain movies or he would never have thought of me.” —Justin Long on escaping the vomiting-clown role in Raimi’s horror, Drag Me to Hell [Suicide Girls]

“I wanted to sample it. I thought it was really dope; just on some hip-hop, ‘Say when I p-p-poke her face.’ All the backstory to the song is really controversial. When I found out that her actual song is about her making love to her boyfriend but really thinking about her girlfriend, I was like, ‘Oh, that’s crazy.’ For us to even flip it to another level and challenge people’s opinions, that’s it.” — Kanye West on Lady GaGa’s “Poker Face,” which became Kid Cudi’s “I Make Her Say” [MTV]

Pitbull Politely Requests That You Refrain From Throwing Money at His Concerts