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Even Tom Hanks Occasionally Feels Compelled to Overshare

“I know the Pope is opposed to the use of condoms. All I can say is, I am a spiritual man and I’ve been happily married for 21 years. I don’t even know what a condom is anymore.”—Tom Hanks on not being qualified to shoot a sex scene for Angels & Demons [Parade]

“I’d watch that dude do anything … I’d watch that dude have sex with my wife at this point. He’s such a good actor.”— Kevin Smith thinking unnatural thoughts about Chris Pine [E! Online]

“We tend to work in the nude. Sometimes that’s just awkward, and sometimes it’s freeing. We meet very early in the morning, sometimes as early as five o’clock in the morning — naked. And we have a very large catered meal. And then that usually kind of gets the ball rolling, and then we’ll probably take a nap [at] around eight in the morning. And then we work again from, like, four o’clock in the afternoon ‘til 5:30 p.m.”—Michael Showalter on a day in the life of the comedy troupe the State [Heeb]

“You know, a lot of people have the wrong idea about what actually happened there. What actually happened was, there was a dinner scene and Melinda’s character, Bobbie Barrett, had spilled something on her dress. And so what I am actually doing is cleaning off the spot that she had spilled. I don’t know, maybe we played it differently. But that’s what was happening. Honey, I was just cleaning off the spot.”—Jon Hamm finally clarifying that now iconic, Tony Soprano-esque scene in which Don Draper shoves his hand up Bobbie Barrett’s dress and threatens to ruin her husband [Kevin Pollack’s Chat Show via USA Today]

“He’s a great force of darkness, I guess, but how much acting goes on behind a plastic head? I’m not sure about it. It seems like his costume does more work for him than mine does for me. I should get handicap points, I think.”—Michael Emerson comparing his working conditions to Darth Vader’s [AV Club]

“When I am dictator, compulsive homosexuality will remove the problem of children. Soon, I will be dictator. Until then, small children should not come to Coraline.”—Stephin Merritt on his the future and the current terrifying off-Broadway play that he has scored [Village Voice]

Even Tom Hanks Occasionally Feels Compelled to Overshare