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Christian Bale Is Pretty Sure He Could Take Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator 2 is the original nightmare of just being pursued that everyone has, by somebody who just will not stop, never stops, doesn’t give up. When you’ve got someone who looked like Schwarzenegger coming after you it made a big difference but nowadays, it wouldn’t really — we’ve seen so many guys who imitated him and it just became a little passé.” —Christian Bale thinks Arnold Schwarzenegger and his muscles are passé [Female First]

“There’s more diversity in general. There are like two more Asian people on television now then there was 10 years ago, and that’s pretty impressive. Before, it was just me and Connie Chung, but now there’s me, Sandra Oh and Connie Chung. Wait, Connie Chung’s not on anymore, so there’s Ann Curry. She’s kind of Asian-adjacent.” —Margaret Cho on the leaps and bounds television has made in the past decade [CNN]

“When dolls come to life in films, that just freaks me out, I just can’t stand that. Chucky? Forget that. I remember when I was a little kid, and that little doll in the rocking chair going, ‘Take the girl right up the hill and kiss the girl goodbye’ … I’m like, forget that! That freaks me out.” —Hugh Jackman on his greatest fear [Wenn]

“I wish I could do every role I ever did over. I have thought of a sequel to everything I’ve ever done. Except Thelma & Louise, that is. We are very, very dead. People ask me all the time if we could do another one, and I look at them like they are crazy. That wasn’t ambiguous — we were pancakes at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.” —Geena Davis is pretty sure a do-over of Thelma & Louise is not possible [Daily Beast]

“He’s a villain. Gordon Gekko is a great, old-fashioned villain. And, interestingly enough, if you look at most actors’ careers, their biggest achievement, not necessarily success, but (achievement), is playing a bad guy.” —Michael Douglas on reprising his 1987 Wall Street character — and possibly his greatest achievement? [Sydney Morning Herald]

“There is something horrible about evaluating people to hire and especially, obviously, to fire. Having that power over other people is weird. It’s just weird.” —Ethan Coen on the manager character in his play Offices [WSJ]

Christian Bale Is Pretty Sure He Could Take Arnold Schwarzenegger