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Thomas Lennon: Paul Rudd a Better Kisser Than Robert Pattinson

“Pattinson, Stewart — no doubt some great Frenching going on, and I respect that, but for level of difficulty, if this was the Olympics, kissing Robert Pattinson is like a three on the difficulty. There’s no trick to doing that. I don’t know why you get awards for kissing Robert Pattinson. You’re not going to find anybody down in Times Square that’s gonna run up and wanna kiss me. Rudd did, and that’s points for difficulty.” —Thomas Lennon on his and Paul Rudd’s snub for best kiss at the MTV Movie Awards [MTV]

“To me, sometimes it would sound like I’m absolutely out of my mind if I played you the music.” —50 Cent on the music that won’t make it onto his new album [MTV via Contact Music]

“Breast-milk, because I don’t have to cook it, and the baby likes it.” —Jonathan Safran Foer on his and his son’s favorite meal [Young and Hungry]

“I couldn’t have made this record without the MusicPad Pro and Sibelius because like I said, I started writing the songs in March and we didn’t record ’til September. I hate to think about what I would have forgotten between March and September.” —Booker T. Jones on not trusting his own memory [AV Club]

“Robert Langdon is not big on fistfights. I like that the only reason he rules the day is because he’s smart.” —Tom Hanks on his brainy character in Angels & Demons [MTV]

“It’s adorable and it’s affordable. What’s amazing right now, during this recession, is that, somehow, the business keeps growing.” &mdashJessica Simpson on her $400 million business weathering the recession [VF]

Thomas Lennon: Paul Rudd a Better Kisser Than Robert Pattinson