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Nick Jonas Thankful All Nose-Picking Was Edited Out of His 3-D Movie

“I’m happy there’s no scenes of me picking my nose. I do that occasionally.”—Nick Jonas kept, and then revealed, his dirty habit secret during the filming of Jonas Brothers: The 3-D Concert Experience [StarPulse]

“Absolutely not. It was all me, never even thought of using a double. Although I was thinking about baby fat — but I think most of it had gone by the time I went before the cameras. “—Rachel Weisz on her superior genes for onscreen nudity [FemaleFirst]

“I hope Jay … Jay-Z still likes it. I call him Jay like I’ve met him more than twice, but we flipped [Bob Dylan’s] ‘Forever Young.’ But to be on a Jay-Z album and a Kanye West album in six months … I’m pinching myself. To be honest, it just does not sink in.”—Mr. Hudson on desperately seeking Jay-Z’s approval [MTV]

“I think that’s the whole point is that we don’t need a massive amount of blood to get feisty.”—Nikki Reed on the lack of blood in New Moon [MTV]

“There was this one night where I had had a couple of drinks. I had new material and I had on this amazing outfit. I didn’t want to start singing while they were talking, so I got undressed. There I was sitting at the piano in my underwear. So they shut up. That’s when I made a real decision about the kind of pop artist that I wanted to be. Because it was a performance art moment there and then.”—Lady GaGa [Female First]

“Yeah, I spend a lot of time telling everyone they look great. And every day I bring cookies to the writers’ room.”—Abby Elliott on wooing the SNL writers [VF]

“The director would be like, ‘Okay, the shark just attacked the submarine from the left, so everyone jump to the right.’ So I’d do it and he’d tell me I looked like I was having a seizure.”—Debbie Gibson on her superior acting skills in the upcoming Mega-Shark vs. Giant Octopus [People]

Nick Jonas Thankful All Nose-Picking Was Edited Out of His 3-D Movie