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Ricky Gervais Charges Ben Stiller With Monkey-Hating

“Let me tell you something about Ben, shall I? There’s a monkey in this film, called Crystal the monkey. It’s probably one of the cutest things in the world; it’s a tiny little thing, a tiny Capuchin monkey. It wears a diaper; there’s nothing cuter. He hates it! So, that’s your Ben Stiller.” —Ricky Gervais [MTV]

“Because especially with Steve Carrell [sic] and Paul Rudd, they’re in different places with their careers it’s a lot harder to get us all together. Yeah we’re trying to figure out when and how we should do that. In fact, I think next week we’re going to meet with all the guys and see if we can actually pull this off. And believe me, I’m not taking a pay cut, no way, absolutely not!” —Will Ferrell on the sequel to Anchorman [Female First]

“Oh yeah, the whole family went to see it. It’s a great film, I was very excited. The only thing about it was, I was a little upset because when we came out, I said, ‘What did you think of it?’ and they said, ‘That was the best Terminator movie ever!’ So that’s really, like thanks a lot, that really helped (my ego).” —Arnold Schwarzenegger on Terminator Salvation [Contact Music]

“I like Nas. First of all, Nas is my brother — another one of my brothers. But I personally like Nas when he’s ignorant. Whenever Nas gets political or he starts thinking or he wants to change the world, it’s good, but I personally like it more when Nas is on his QB, ignorant n—a shit. When he’s on a “Made You Look” vibe. When he’s on his arrogant shit. When Nas dumbs himself down, he’s nicer to me. I tell him that shit all the time. … When he’s on some nigga shit, he’s nicer.” —Irv Gotti [MTV]

“After 10 years of eating vegetarian, I tried my boyfriend’s. I was overwhelmed. It was orgasmic.” —Jessica Szohr is talking about a burger [Men’s Health via People]

“It always was about sex, not money. Sex was what held me in bed and got me out of it again in the morning. But now it’s fading fast. I don’t have the same craziness about sex that I had — I’m more interested in ideas.” —Tracey Emin [Guardian UK]

Ricky Gervais Charges Ben Stiller With Monkey-Hating