So Just Who in the Sam Hill Is Jacob, Anyway?

Whoever he is, Locke’s gonna get him! If you haven’t watched last night’s episode of Lost, well then, you probably should stop reading now. But if you have, and if you’ve been wondering about the identity of the man who lives in the Island’s magical-mystery cabin, then follow along for a few theories as to who the CEO of the Others might be.

Is he Jack Shepherd? “Of course Jack is Jacob … He was such an adamant non-believer that you knew he was gonna switch, and he does to the max. He becomes Jacob. Everyone else is gonna figure out a way off the island or whatever, but he is gonna be so insane (i.e the new Locke) that he decides to stay and lead the others. plus Jacob is in the shack with Jack’s father and sister … That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.” —Jesse, a commenter on Videogum. Further (possible) evidence: Jack and Jacob both share the same eye color, brown.

Is he Christian Shepherd? Probably not. Although, as evidenced in the “Cabin Fever” episode back in season four, Christian claimed that he could speak for Jacob. Was he lying?

Is he Jack’s grandfather? “Think about it: He could have been a Dharma employee, the guy who took the experiment — intentionally or not. As someone who constantly travels through time, he is the person around whom fate centers. He brings practically his entire line (his son, Jack, Claire, Aaron) to the island, intentionally or not, it’s just because the universe is course correcting and trying to avoid further anomalies. Jack’s dad cannot really “die”, because his dad is the cause for the anomalies, so perhaps it’s part of the course correction to bring those in his line back to him.” —

Is he the captain of the Black Rock? Lostpedia gathers some of the evidence that could support this theory, such as the fact that his clothing and hairstyle resemble something from the time period of the Black Rock’s crash, as well as the fact that Charles Widmore purchased the diary of the ship’s first mate at an auction.

Does he even exist at all? “My theory is that Jacob doesn’t exist. Like the magician in The Wizard of Oz, Ben has created the illusion of a great and powerful being. Even the Others don’t know that Jacob is simply Ben performing tricks. This is how he gets the Others to do what he wants them to do.” —Bonnie Covel,

What say you, VultureWatchers?

So Just Who in the Sam Hill Is Jacob, Anyway?