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Star of Antichrist Not Sure What the Hell It’s About, Either

“I can’t describe it. I saw it yesterday again and thought that I could finally see his vision but not understand it.” —Charlotte Gainsbourg on Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist [Guardian UK]

“‘Hot’ has become a euphemism for all things positive, making it generally acceptable to use to describe everything from a jalapeño to a drum solo. It’s sort of a useful word. We don’t have to think of appropriate adjectives for people, places, performances, tacos, or objects anymore as they all fit snugly under the glorious umbrella of ‘hotness.’ So I don’t know how hot I am but I’m honored to be considered as warmer than the average taco.” —Olivia Wilde on topping Maxim’s Hot 100 list [Daily Beast]

“I made the mistake of vocalizing it to a friend. I was like ‘Do you think people would lose respect or I’d be a commercial guy or I’d be selling out in any way?’ And I’ll never forget, my friend who I love goes ‘No offense, dude, but what are you selling out? Herbie Fully Loaded? You’re not Johnny Depp, all right? So take it easy.’ And you need those moments that bring you down to earth.” —Justin Long on taking a job as the Mac Guy [People]

“This couple came around the corner and they saw me, and at the time I had quite long hair. I think it would be safe to say they were on some form of chemical enhancement. The guy thought I was Kurt Cobain and he looked at me and slightly panicked and grabbed hold of his girlfriend and he asked me if I was Kurt.” —Ewan McGregor on being mistaken for Kurt Cobain, shortly after Cobain’s suicide [Heart FM via Spinner]

“I’ve learned the value of brevity.” —Sam Raimi on the lesson he learned after directing the 139-minute-long Spider-Man 3 [MTV]

“It was a body blow, mainly because we had so much fun making it. I got a lot out of the writing. I was psyched to write more screenplays, but that kind of killed my writing career.” —Jack Black took the flop of Tenacious D: In the Pick of Destiny as a sign not to write any more screenplays [Maxim via Female First]

Star of Antichrist Not Sure What the Hell It’s About, Either