The Many Thumbs of Hugh Jackman

Through re-shoots, a high-profile Internet leak, a deadly swine-flu pandemic, and unfavorable reviews, Hugh Jackman’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine has had more bad luck than seemingly any would-be blockbuster in history — not that you’d ever know it from the wildly affirmative hand gestures he’s been flashing at all stage-managed publicity events this past month. You didn’t think we’d let the opening weekend of Wolverine pass without one more Jackman slideshow, did you? Please enjoy his many thumbs.

After deplaning, Hugh Jackman measures the air temperature with his thumb to determine whether it’s warm enough for shirtless baggage-claiming.
Hugh Jackman’s enthusiasm for rappelling off of this building is infectious.
Hugh Jackman delivers the punch line of his favorite joke: “What has two thumbs?”
Hugh Jackman is unequivocal in the way he feels about Will.I.Am’s absence.
Hugh Jackman can recommend this pair of earbuds without reservation.
This antiperspirant is no match for Hugh Jackman’s vigorous publicizing.
Seoul’s vice-mayor is presenting Hugh Jackman with an awesome plaque.
The Eiffel Tower meets with Hugh Jackman’s approval.
Hugh Jackman is thrilled that these people have come to watch him do this macho thing that he does all the time, even when they’re not watching.
Hugh Jackman finds the Puerta de Alcala twice as impressive as the Eiffel Tower.
Hugh Jackman suspects he may have stumbled upon a buried treasure.
Hugh Jackman would be happy to sign an autograph for this guy who clearly doesn’t want one.
Hugh Jackman concurs with this unbiased man in a Mickey Mouse costume – Disney World is a terrific place for a vacation.
Hugh Jackman has just learned that his movie leaked to the Internet (the downward position of both thumbs here indicates that this is the saddest he has ever been).
Hugh Jackman assures a nervous co-star that chain wallets are still hip.
Hugh Jackman approves of these men’s efforts to free him from drying cement.
With Wolverine’s publicity tour finally over, Hugh Jackman hitches a ride back to his native Australia.
The Many Thumbs of Hugh Jackman