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Week in Review: The Week Ben Silverman Sang Topless

How closely were you paying attention to the events that happened in the pop culture universe this week? Here’s a Friday afternoon evening pop quiz for you!

1) What famous film festival launched this week?
2) What will be the most popular summer song this summer?
3) Which popular television shows concluded their seasons this week?
4) What happened on Saturday Night Live this season?
5) Speaking of SNL, how much do the hosts make?
6) Who’s got the smaller penis, McG or Shia LaBeouf?
7) Are all Imax screens created equally?
8) What’s the least convenient method of time travel?
9) Does the world really need a No Doubt comeback?
10) What does Ben Silverman look like topless?

Answers below!

1) Cannes, dummy! Hope you didn’t miss our conversation with Vincent Gallo and Francis Ford Coppola.
2) Too early to tell, but we’re leaning toward the Black Eyed Peas.
3) A bunch of ‘em, but we only really care about Lost (so many unanswered questions!), Grey’s Anatomy (fingers crossed that Heigl is dead!), and The Office.
4) Lots! We took a look back at the season’s best sketches, top hosts, and all sorts of goofy stats.
5) According to recent host Justin Timberlake, five thousand American dollars.
6) It’s probably a tie; neither Shia nor McG seems like they’re too confident they’d win.
7) Thanks to some timely sleuthing by Aziz Ansari, the answer is no! However, Imax’s CEO doesn’t seem to think anyone cares.
8) We suppose it depends on your perspective, but here’s our list of ten.
9) No.
10) Exactly like this!

Week in Review: The Week Ben Silverman Sang Topless