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Amy Adams a Lover and a Fighter

More Fighters: Amy Adams is in talks to join The Fighter, the David O. Russell film starring Mark Wahlberg as the boxer “Irish” Mickey Ward and Christian Bale as his half brother and trainer, Dick Eklund. She’ll play Wahlberg’s love interest, a tough Massachusetts bartender and ex-college-high-jumper. Odds on a scene in which Wahlberg, while about to bed Adams in her place of employment, knocks a bunch of glasses off of a bar? [HR]

Moving On: My Name Is Earl creator Greg Garcia has set up a new show at Fox. Still untitled, it’s a half-hour comedy about a 25-year-old raising a kid — the unplanned result of a one-night-stand with a woman now on death row — along with his wacky family. Garcia is now writing the script and will shoot in the fall with some of his old Earl crew. Jason Lee’s moustache is still fielding offers for its next project. [Variety]

More Dicks: Speaking of Jason Lee, the old Kevin Smith regular will join the director’s latest film, A Couple of Dicks, in a role that’s sounding fairly cameo-ish: He’ll play the stepfather of (also newly cast) Michelle Trachtenberg, who plays Bruce Willis’s daughter. (Along with Tracy Morgan, Willis is one of the two “dicks” on a wild-goose chase for a stolen baseball card.) Maybe, for old time’s sake, Lee can just play Brodie from Mallrats? [Variety]

Push It For Love: VH1’s new slate of reality television includes programs featuring Salt-n-Pepa’s Sandra “Pepa” Denton and TLC’s Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas. They’re both relationship shows with different angles: The Pepa program will feature the one-time emcee dating again after four years of “self-imposed romantic and sexual dormancy,” while the Chilli show will have the singer seeking the help of relationship expert Tionna Smalls. Wait, Tionna Smalls from Gawker? In that case, this is a fantastic idea. [Variety]

Amy Adams a Lover and a Fighter