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Michael Jackson Roundup: New Details About His Will, His Children, and His Final Music Video

As you have no doubt experienced, the Michael Jackson news cycle is only just beginning to heat up; if Harvey Levin has anything to do with it, it will be weeks before this story grinds to a halt. With every passing hour, it seems that a new angle, a new autopsy report, or even a new music video is coming to light. In an attempt to help keep you looped in, your friendly Vulture editors have put together a few easy-to-read bullet points for you, ones that ought to help you keep the MJ-related conversation going at any and all social functions you might be attending this evening! As always, when reading, please be sure to keep the Morton’s handy …

• Harvey Levin and his army of TMZ warriors just dropped a huge bombshell. Namely, that Michael Jackson was not the biological father of any of his three children! And, in an even crazier twist, Debbie Rowe was not the biological mother! Allegedly, she simply carried the children to term after she was impregnated using in vitro fertilization. So who’s the daddy, then? Impossible to know at this point. That said, calls to David Crosby were not immediately returned. [TMZ]

• As if that weren’t weird enough, for some reason, MJ never decided to legally adopt these three children. [TMZ]

• According to reports from those gossipmongers at The Wall Street Journal, Michael Jackson’s last known will was filed in 2002. If this will proves to be legally binding, Jackson’s estate will be divided between his mother, his three children, and one or more charities; sorry, Joe! Also, in bad news for Paul McCartney, the will states that Sony Music has the right to purchase the other 50 percent stake in the Beatles catalogue that MJ owned. [WSJ]

• In the weeks before his passing, Michael Jackson may have wrapped up work on an elaborate video production known as the “Dome Project.” Details are scarce, but parts were apparently filmed on a soundstage decorated as a cemetary. Creepy! [Breitbart]

• For some reason, NBC acquired the rights to re-air Martin Bashir’s controversial 2003 special, Living With Michael Jackson. As you might recall, it originally aired in the U.K. on the BBC, but then was transformed into a 20/20 special for ABC. Anyhoo, NBC aired the five-year-old show last night at 10 p.m. and, what do you know, it won its time slot! [Live Feed/HR]

• Michael Jackson’s body has been returned to its rightful home: Neverland Ranch. [CNN Wire/CNN]

Michael Jackson Roundup: New Details About His Will, His Children, and His Final Music Video