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Daniel Craig’s New House Ruined by Ghosts

Boo: Daniel Craig is in talks to star in Jim Sheridan’s psychological thriller Dream House as a man who moves his family to a quaint country home, only to be haunted by its former inhabitants, who were murdered on the premises. The dead presumably get ticked off when Craig’s character attempts to rip up the living room’s shag carpeting. [HR]

Four More: Invention, the Kevin Spacey comedy about a billionaire inventor jailed after one of his creations makes trouble, has added a few names to its cast: Craig Robinson, who’ll play Spacey’s ex-wife’s new husband; Camilla Belle, his untrusting social-worker daughter; Heather Graham, the daughter’s lesbian roommate who sleeps with Spacey; and Johnny Knoxville, a store manager who hires Spacey upon his release from prison. [HR]

Heigl Knows It: Katherine Heigl will star in and executive produce the drama Life As We Know It. She’ll play one of two single adults whose lives are rocked when their mutual best friends die in a car accident and name them as caregivers for their orphaned daughter. Also complicating things? Heigl’s fragile post–brain-tumor state. [Variety]

You Can Believe Dat: Martin Lawrence is slowly but surely taking over all TV programming. He’ll start with three shows now in development under his Runteldat banner: an animated, autobiographical Fox series about his experiences growing up in the D.C. area; a single-camera Starz comedy about an interracial family in which a white man from a trailer park weds a well-to-do black woman; and a family comedy set at a funeral home that does not yet have a network commitment. Finally, some positive television news! [HR]

TV’s Don: Julie White will star in Theresa Rebeck’s The Understudy when the Roundabout Theatre Company brings it to Broadway this fall. The comedy, about theater performers and staff members griping backstage, will feature White as an imposing stage manager. Coming off her recent work with Michael Bay and “Megadad,” White’s acting chops will surely be primed and ready. [NYT]

Sexy Efron in Sexy Thriller: Zac Efron will star in an untitled thriller being written by Leslie Dixon. There are no plot details available, but it is being described as a “sexy thriller.” Duh! [HR]

Daniel Craig’s New House Ruined by Ghosts