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Ed Helms on the Unlikeliest Hangover Cameo of All

“That’s a cameo by Susan Boyle. I’m amazed that she got talked into it.” —Ed Helms on the woman pleasuring Zach Galifianakis in the elevator during the end credits for The Hangover [MTV]

“They let us up on the roof to shoot. To get up on the roof of Caesars is virtually impossible. I’d love to say the movie is very real-feeling, and everything in the movie is real, and I love comedies that are real — but in reality, you could never get on the roof at Caesars. We had to go through 42 locked doors and 32 key cards just to get past. There is no real way to get on the roof at Caesars [without security letting you up there].” —Todd Phillips on the fakeness of The Hangover [MTV]

“She’s 400 years old and she’s the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. She’s kind of a cross between Patrick Bateman and Paris Hilton. And she’s crazy. She’s supposed to be French but since she’s 400 years old, they said you don’t have to do an accent because they figured she can speak English perfectly well by now.” — Evan Rachel Wood on her lesbian vampire on True Blood [Movieline]

“They wouldn’t have my character back on the show. My character was born out of the ’90s. It’s a different era now. I thought for a while, ‘Yeah, it’s great.’ But now I think any great show that had its run and had its place in pop culture should only have one run. Melrose Place was a great show in its time, and if I were calling the shots, I would say don’t bring it back. Leave it as it was at its time.” —Andrew Shue [NYDN]

“So recently they remade Bangkok Dangerous with Nic Cage, right? Just out of curiosity I rented it the other day, and I couldn’t even fucking watch it. One of the best things about the [original] was that the anti-hero was deaf and dumb. And in the remake, it’s Nic Cage; he’s not deaf and dumb. They make a girl he meets deaf and dumb, which is just stupid. And it a horrible fucking unwatchable piece of shit, and then I find out that the same guys made it. The same guys remade their own fucking film. I just don’t get it.” —Larry Clark [Movieline]

“I did a poster that has this sort of jock-looking guy in a tank top that says, ‘U.S.A.’ holding up a gas nozzle, and he’s got a front license plate that says, ‘Freedom isn’t free.’ This idea of the Type-A patriotic person who’s like, ‘Hell yeah! Badass! Big truck!’ They’re actually the reason the U.S. is fucked.” —Shepard Fairey on being asked by Hummer to design an ad for them [AV Club]

Ed Helms on the Unlikeliest Hangover Cameo of All