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NASCAR Enthusiasts Get Their Comeuppance in Final Destination 4

Tagline: “What if we weren’t meant to survive?”

Translation: Considering that it’s another Final Destination movie, chances are, you won’t.

The Verdict: The Final Destination franchise first made a name for itself with its penchant for elaborately staged and wildly inventive death sequences. So, in today’s movie climate, it’s only natural that the fourth installment of the series would gimmick things up a notch by shooting the film in 3-D (frankly, we’re shocked that they didn’t decide to pursue this direction in Final Destination 3). If you’ve seen one of these films, you’ve seen them all: Thanks to clairvoyance or perhaps even déjà vu, one teenager manages to help five to ten of his or her buddies from temporarily cheating death, but in the end, Death (yes, with a capital D) always finishes what Death starts. This time around, the primary set piece involves a NASCAR-like stock car race, which should help the film draw some box-office dollars south of the Mason-Dixon line. We’d be lying if we said that it looked as pants-shittingly awesome as My Bloody Valentine 3-D, but then again, we’d never let a silly thing like that prevent us from being there on opening night.

The Final Destination Movie Trailer - Death By Nascar? [/Film]

NASCAR Enthusiasts Get Their Comeuppance in Final Destination 4