Can the Oscars Survive the Holocaust-Movie Drought of 2009?

Dead Snow, which will not be winning an Oscar.

Panic! Variety editor-in-chief Timothy M. Gray wonders today just how many of this fall’s awards-baiting prestige movies would have to disappoint to make the Academy hold its nose and nominate a well-reviewed summer crowd-pleaser, like Up or Star Trek, for Best Picture (probably a lot). But even more terrifying than that prospect is that Gray’s entire list of the year’s remaining relevant releases contains only two Holocaust-related movies — and one of them is Inglourious Basterds!

The other movie is Iron Cross, in which the late Roy Scheider plays a Holocaust survivor who exacts violent revenge on the former SS Commander who killed his family — and that barely sounds more awards-worthy than Dead Snow, the hilarious Nazi-zombie thriller (see photo) released last weekend.

Did Hollywood just get sick of making Nazi movies after last year? Did all the wardrobe departments run out of swastika armbands? Will there even be an Oscars next February? If so, our money’s on Star Trek.

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Can the Oscars Survive the Holocaust-Movie Drought of 2009?