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Kristen Schaal Just Wants a Cool Corporate Logo

“I’d like to work with NBC; I like that rainbow bird.” —Kristen Schaal [PopWatch/EW]

“It is a kind of travelogue. You get some nuggets, you don’t get the full bible, though. You get some Genesis. Really, you just get Genesis. Phil Collins, there’s some great music. “Abacab.” You don’t even know that song.” —Jack Black on the teachings of Year One [MTV]

“You go to these celebrity parties, and it’s a bunch of people who think that just showing up has made it a special event, so it’s kind of tedious, and the conversations with celebrities, you just keep repeating the same thing over, ‘What are you working on? So, where are you staying? So, where are you going for vacation?’” —Moby on the tedium of celebrity privileges [Spinner]

“I wasn’t prepared at all. I’d undone my belt and I had chewing gum in my mouth. I nearly cried during my speech but I thought, ‘No, I can’t because of the Kate Winslet Golden Globe moment. One British person doing that is enough for one year.’” —Adele on her Grammy speech [Glamour via Yahoo UK]

“I figured out pretty early on that I couldn’t really keep up with the guys. They can just go and go and go, and I can’t. Earlier on, I didn’t quite grasp or accept that, and in a way, they couldn’t either; I felt like I needed to be tough, but now I know my limits. So I drink a lot of ginger tea and make sure I get as much pillow time as I can. I’ll also go to steam rooms. Whatever it takes to feel like a human being.” —Karen O on being kind of a wuss on tour [Elle]

“It takes a lot of energy, and I understand you don’t want to spend six months writing a piece about Mary-Louise Parker, so I understand they have to make it interesting. Still, that one made me mad. Also, it’s just ludicrous when I’ve been in the middle of Times Square naked with a snake around my body. It’s not like I was bitter that I did a nude scene, you know? It’s ridiculous.” —Mary-Louise Parker is totally fine being naked [AV Club]

Kristen Schaal Just Wants a Cool Corporate Logo