Help Crack the Case of McLovin’s Mystery European Girlfriend!

We’ll admit it, it took seeing Christopher Mintz-Plasse on the publicity trail for Year One earlier this week to jog our memory that he is, in fact, in the film. That said, considering that our respect and admiration for McLovin knows no bounds, we made sure to tune in to the Tonight Show last night to see if he would pick up where he left off on Kimmel back in March. Sadly, he steered clear of dropping F-bombs on Conan’s new set, but that doesn’t mean he was any less of a delight. In particular, McLovin revealed that he … wait for it … HAS A GIRLFRIEND! And not just some plain ol’ Mary Jane Rottencrotch, mind you, we’re talking a 25-year-old European girlfriend who’s the lead singer of a band! So, who is this mystery woman, exactly?

Well, see, that’s the thing, we’re not exactly sure! Assuming for the moment that this European hottie of McLovin’s is not of the imaginary variety, he has done an extraordinary job of keeping his new flame under wraps. We checked all the wire services and paparazzi agencies for clues, but came up empty (we temporarily thought it might be Zoë Kravitz, but she’s only 20). We searched all the gossip blogs and came up with bubkes. We even checked his Twitter account for clues, but all we could come up with was this picture of CMP tossing back shots of Jager with this anonymous blonde. Could this be the mystery lady friend in question? Impossible to say!

So, with a lack of any hard evidence at our disposal, we thought we would leave it up to you, the Vulture readership, to come up with some ideas. Who is McLovin dating? Dido? Lily Allen? Adele? Leave your theories in the comments!

Here’s the video, which should help you prep:

The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien [NBC]

Help Crack the Case of McLovin’s Mystery European Girlfriend!