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Michael Bay Nearly Spared Us a Transformers 3

“They could have been killed instantly.” — Michael Bay on a dangerous Transformers 2 stunt involving Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, and Tyrese Gibson [Sydney Morning Herald]

“While I was writing about Virginia Woolf, my mind was never far removed from the idea of girls in bikinis being hacked up by guys wearing hockey masks, and I vowed that if I ever had a good idea, I would write one of these scary movies.” —Michael Cunningham [MTV]

“The term friendosaurus isn’t about the girl being unattractive. The friendosaurus knows I’m interested in her friend, and she’s the doubting sober driver who’s saying, ‘This is ridiculous! Let’s get out of here.’ So I immediately befriend the friendosaurus.” —Bret Michaels with some Rock of Love lingo [Elle]

“It’s very bad for the soul, all this banging on about yourself. And it induces simultaneously a sort of grotesque narcissism and paranoia and self-loathing. I’ve found that it gives you a tiny glimpse into the world of proper celebrities and why they are so nuts.” —Zoë Heller on doing media interviews [HuffPo]

“Usually I’m pretty good at it. But I was pretty nervous on this set. So, I tried improvising. But you know what? Woody Allen was staring at me, and Larry David was staring at me. And I just lost it. I just didn’t know where I was in the scene, and I lost it. But — once I got comfortable, then it was okay, and I would throw things in there every now and then.” —Evan Rachel Wood on working with the scary Woody Allen [Female First]

Michael Bay Nearly Spared Us a Transformers 3