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Megan Fox Is Single and Looking

“I’m currently what you would call single I guess. There is this Korean Justin Timberlake named Rain. And I’m really on his situation now. I’m trying to fix this up. I’m working hard.” —Megan Fox is working on Korea’s JT [Access Hollywood]

“There is a period once you finish a guy — a character — when you’re looking to go back to yourself and sometimes it can manifest itself in illness. After I made The Libertine, I was in bed for two weeks. When you’re working, you don’t get sick, then suddenly it hits you like a two-by-four.” —Johnny Depp on the price he pays for being Johnny Depp [Female First]

“I won’t know another thing about it until two days before the cameras roll and they give me a script. And I’m sure it will make my hair stand on ends when I see it.” —Michael Emerson finally explains his spiky do [Access Hollywood]

“We did everything in New York. They gave me the opportunity to use real toys and real trains in the subway. What we shot in the motorman’s booth with Travolta was on stage, but everything else is real. All other movies where you see them on subways they make them build sets, and it’s very hard to catch the real feel, and you always sense there’s something not quite right, or something wrong. I think they gave me full-on cooperation here because the original was one of New York’s favorite movies.” —Tony Scott on The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 being the real deal [Cinema Blend]

“Was the weatherman asking us questions? I thought we were getting interviewed by a guy named Matt Lauer. We were thrown off that the weatherman was even trying to talk to Speidi.” —Spencer Pratt on his new enemy, Al Roker [MTV]

“This get-up is very comfortable. These shoes won’t stay laced, which is a huge pain in the ass. You’ve gotta go zip. This is how they did it back in the olden days. Back in primitive times, they didn’t have good lacing technology. This is the slave gear when my character is going through tough times in the movie. Strangely, the lower the class, the more comfortable the clothes.” —Jack Black on his comfy biblical costume in Year One [Female First]

Megan Fox Is Single and Looking