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John Krasinski Spills the Details About Away We Go’s Sex Scene

“Definitely for Maya, because I could have been sleeping down there and nobody would know. And here’s the thing, Maya wears, very fashionably, four pairs of pants. And, so, she was wearing biker shorts, boxers, granny panties and MC Hammer pants and board shorts.” —John Krasinski on the awkwardness of the scene in Away We Go in which he goes “down there” [MovieFone]

“There must be a way to make a computer screen that you can see outside. It’s all designed for indoor people. I think it’s very fascist.” —Björk on wanting to be able to work on her computer outside [Interview]

“I use the computer to keep in touch with everybody. I don’t really know anything about computers but I think e-mail and things like that are pretty great inventions.” —Joshua Jackson is pretty stoked about the invention of e-mail [Female First]

“Every once in a while, you’ll have those moments when people give you the stink eye. And you’re like, ‘What the fuck is your problem? What, am I horrific-looking?’ But really what they’re thinking is, Am I seeing who I think I’m seeing? It’s just a shock. I don’t have any problem with being famous. I’ve completely made peace with being recognizable and people wanting to peek into my life in some way.” —Cameron Diaz on making peace with the stink eye [Marie Claire]

“All I did was work. I did three or four films a year, and felt like I was on a treadmill. Finally I said, ‘Nothing is exciting to me anymore.’ So I took six months off, which turned into a year, and said, ‘God, I don’t miss it.’ That’s when all kinds of interesting things crossed my path.” —Sandra Bullock on not being excited by much [Glamour via Contact Music]

“My husband may not like this, but I did not become a nymphomaniac.” —Judy Blume on unfortunately not being corrupted by reading, when she was nine, a book about a girl who wanted sex [AP via Boston Globe]

John Krasinski Spills the Details About Away We Go’s Sex Scene