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Chris Martin Has No Interest in Going Solo

“Hell would have to not only freeze over, but be skated over and completely closed up. The pope would have to declare that it didn’t even exist. It would probably mean that I’ve been dumped by my wife and I desperately need the money.” —Chris Martin is not going to be doing a solo album, unless … [Guardian UK]

“It is like this: Classic love songs are made for robots. Because when you put the word ‘robot’ into a romantic place, something happens — it makes you think where people draw the line between being human and not human. Doesn’t it?” —Robyn on robot love [Guardian UK]

“The only things that I backed out of or that I wouldn’t do were things I didn’t think were hard or dangerous enough. If I get hurt so what, it still has to be stuff that people can’t see and go ‘oh that’s easy.’ I’ll be riding my bike in the middle of nowhere and I’ll just stand up on the pegs and do a stand up wheelie for like 20 miles by myself just cause I dig it. I think most of the stuff on the show would probably be doing even if nobody was looking.” —Jesse James on being a tough guy [People]

“Actually we’re not that opposite, look at me I had to do a naked scene and make it funny — that’s just as dangerous as going 10G’s. He would never do that — now that would make him scared.” —Sandra Bullock on being even tougher than her husband, Jesse James [People]

“It’s almost like where Outkast was when they made Aquemini. It’s still a rap album, but was it really a rap album compared to all the other rap albums at that time? Andre Benjamin was evolving artistically to where he’s at now — Wayne is doing the same thing, and he’s not afraid to show you his growth. It’s one thing we respect about him, and we feel it’s something that everybody else should respect about him … he shows no fear. To put himself out there, you’re watching someone as they progress in their career.” —Dr. Dre Dre, of Cool and Dre, on Lil Wayne’s forthcoming sorta-rock album, Rebirth [MTV]

“Jay-Z, I always respected him. Always. But I didn’t always like his music. I guess because I was too young, and I couldn’t understand what he was saying. … I got signed when I was 16 years old. Before I got signed, I heard the song, and I was like, ‘That’s Jay-Z.’ My favorite song from him was ‘Dirt Off Your Shoulder.’ I guess I liked the beat or the way he was flowing on there. Any other song I used to hear, I ain’t really vibe with it like that. I used to listen to a lot of Down South artists like Three 6 Mafia or Gucci Mane. But recently, since I’m older now and I grew up, I like Jay-Z now.” —Soulja Boy on having acquired a taste for Jay-Z [MTV]

Chris Martin Has No Interest in Going Solo