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Week in Review: The Late Shift

We were trying to figure out why we were so tired all day today and then it hit us: we’ve gotten way less sleep than usual because we’ve been up watching late night television all week! It certainly didn’t help matters that our DVRs ran out of room, but it’s not like we were going to miss Conan O’Brien’s first broadcast live from the Mushroom Kingdom! Anyway, if you slept through this past week, all you have to do is follow along to read our patented, bullet-point riddled week in review.

• Poor Susan Boyle. She didn’t win Britain’s Got Talent (possibly due to a voting scandal) and checked herself into The Priory to help deal with the stress. On the bright side, though, looks like she’ll get to perform for Barry O (but probably not Kal Penn).

• Thanks to the runaway success of Liam Gallagher’s clothing line, Oasis can now afford to play all their shows for free!

• We didn’t think it was possible, but I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! is sinking Ben Silverman’s reputation even further.

• We totally geeked out for The Beatles: Rock Band.

• So, yeah, it was a good week to be a night owl. Both Conan and David Letterman did impressions of poor Jay Leno on Monday night, who already seems to be getting the shaft just days after departing as host of the Tonight Show. This makes sense, considering Conan is really a mini-Letterman. Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon had the best week of his young career, thanks in part to Steve Martin and Paul Simon.

Lost might be bringing back Claire and Charlie. Then again, they might not!

And, in closing, we leave you with this … KHAAAAN!

• We were pretty shocked to learn that there’s a blowjob in the end credits of The Hangover. But not as surprised as we were when we learned that Ed Helms is McLovin’s dad.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Eminem fooled everyone no one with their pretend feud at the MTV Movie Awards. In an unrelated story, Bruno got sued. Bruno got sued.

Week in Review: The Late Shift