Weeds: Nobody Puts Baby in the, Uh, Coroner


Super Lucky Happy
Season 5 Episode 4

The humor is back. And so are the family values. Says Shane: “I’m a Botwin — we’re not responsible for anything we do.”

We start with Nancy shooting bunnies and owls at the bowl-o-rama where the Botwins are hiding out, waiting for Mayor Esteban to give them the all-clear to return home. Andy comes on to Nancy again, and she dryly sets him straight: “Baby, Andy — another man’s baby.” Later, Mayor Esteban stands with the Botwins in their living room, taking verbal abuse from Shane — “You’re not the mayor of us, and these T-shirts are lame” — the way any father of an insolent teen might.

The mayor wants the Botwins to move in with him. He’s all warm and fuzzy again, stroking Nancy’s hair and asking her if she’s all right. He received the test results: “It is indeed a boy. My boy.” “I see, your boy,” says Nancy, but takes the affection without question. She also takes the replacement goon, Ignacio, who is a lot jollier than the last two: He spends the morning eating cereal and watching cartoons and goofily talking to whoever will listen. Silas — now in business with Doug, and leaving the house all spiffed up in a suit — greets the new thug slash bodyguard courteously.

Meanwhile, Detective Roy Till is still camped out in his car on unauthorized patrol, dreaming up vengeance for his mutilated partner — and making a really bad joke referencing a Polaroid of his partner dressed as Jennifer Grey and he as Patrick Swayze. “Nobody puts baby in the coroner.” Groan. Anyway, revenge eludes the detective: While Nancy is attempting to put together the Now and Zen Baby Cradle and Swing that Mayor Esteban has gifted her, Ignacio drags the cop through the living room by the armpits, robs him, and busts out Mr. Zappy, a taser gun that makes grown men shudder and pee their pants.

And just when Nancy thinks she and her budding baby can’t take anymore, Celia strolls in wearing ripped denim and an oversize crucifix. She’s homeless and wants to sleep on the porch. Nancy gets rid of Celia by flicking lit matches in her direction, then returns to the two men she has handcuffed to her bedpost: Detective Till, who reminds her that she has blood on her hands; and Ignacio, who will have no qualms about mutilating yet another FBI agent.

Uncle Andy, meanwhile, makes a deal with his dead brother’s first lover, who promises him a long-lost inheritance if he agrees to impersonate Judah and act as her boyfriend. “There’s nothing weird about that,” Andy agrees. While he embarks on this latest MILF romance, Nancy takes a walk on the beach under the sunset with Esteban, who may have just finished off Detective Till for good and is declaring his undying protection for Nancy and their baby. Ah, family values.

Weeds: Nobody Puts Baby in the, Uh, Coroner