Weeds: Sister Act 2


Season 5 Episode 3

Nancy and her sister Jill Price-Gray have a moment: Nancy stops dropping the F-bomb just long enough to allow Jill to vent her years of frustration, and we finally start to see why Nancy is so empty inside. Both their parents are dead, apparently via slow, messy deaths, not too far apart, that Nancy skipped out for, leaving Jill to wipe shit and file Do Not Resuscitate orders. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I know it must be a lot to carry around with you,” says Nancy, looking her sister deep in the face with maternal empathy. For a brief flash, our hearts are warmed by this potential for enlightenment and reconciliation.

The record scratches, though, and all in a jiffy, our prediction that this season would herald a new, selfless Nancy is dispelled: “Now get in the fucking car,” she demands. Jill complies. This after Jill (the gorgeous Jennifer Jason Leigh, playing a housewife at the precipice of a mid-life crisis) has once again banged Uncle Andy in his upstairs bedroom, and the filthy goon bodyguard who replaced Cesar (he was “so over” Nancy) has vanished, leaving puddles of blood and a pile of grimy clothes behind. So Nancy and the family flee, again, with Jill apparently going back to her boring, aloof husband (though we suspect Jill Price-Gray will be joining the renegade Botwins for now). “I’m sorry, but I really would like to be you,” Jill says, just before learning there’s a price on Nancy’s head.

Meanwhile, Silas and Doug petition the city for a business license for an entirely legitimate retail store supplying medical marijuana to the citizens of Renmar. It seems to be a pretty good plan, although, as Nancy points out, whenever marijuana is involved, there is trouble. Celia is kidnapped in the middle of the night and put on a bus to Texas, where she wakes up dribbling and alone; the rebel leaders she was shacking up with couldn’t stand her meddling ways any longer.

We hope the Botwins aren’t starting over in a whole new town. Unfortunately, Nancy has not only the Mexican mafia to fear, but also the FBI — in the final moments we see Detective Roy Till parked out behind a tree. He’s still out to avenge his partner and lover, who lost his face to the Mexicans last season and was found pinned to the border fence. “I’ll tell you what’s going on,” Nancy tells her sister. “I have messed up my life in ways you can’t possibly begin to imagine and I don’t think I’m going to be able to get away with it this time.” We still predict there’s a Mexican-mafia position for Nancy down the line.

Weeds: Sister Act 2