Brüno’s Original Ending Was Even Worse Than the Coldplay Song

Two weeks ago we learned that, at the suggestion of prominent Hollywood gays who were asked for input, Brüno’s planned ending was scrapped in favor of a — SPOILER! — mock charity song for gay rights featuring vocals from Elton John and Chris Martin. Now, Movieline has info on the movie’s original resolution and, no matter how you feel about Coldplay, you’ll probably be thankful for the change. Very spoiler-y details after the jump.

In the version we saw last week, the movie’s final act has Brüno and his assistant-boyfriend Lutz consummating their love with a kiss during an Arkansas cage-fighting match, then getting married before credits roll and the song begins. But according to writer-director Richard Day — who saw the film in February and was asked by Sacha Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles for his feedback — the earlier ending went something like this:

“The cage-match kiss resulted in a violent attack on the couple. They then cut to a press event where they are announcing their marriage or plans to, I forget which. But the boyfriend is now drooling, seemingly brain-damaged, and in a wheelchair, played for laughs.”

So, yeah. We don’t really find Chris Martin all that funny, but we think the filmmakers probably made a smart decision here.

EXCLUSIVE: Original Brüno Ending Included Brutal Gay Bashing Played for Laughs [Movieline]

Brüno’s Original Ending Was Even Worse Than the Coldplay Song