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Danny DeVito Not Afraid to Give the People What They Want

“You’ve got to give them a little flesh — that’s the thing. People want to see my naked body as much as they want to see Angelina Jolie’s beautiful full lips.” —Danny DeVito [MTV]

“I’m kicking some major ass — so I would say ‘major’ is the amount of ass I kick.” —Scarlett Johansson gets specific about her Black Widow character [MTV]

“When Casino Royale came out I was worried, as I’m not a ‘Bond girl’ kind of girl. But the role wasn’t your typical James Bond female role. It wasn’t just typically sexy — I got lucky. My agent was very good in forcing me to do it. I wasn’t interested, but she bullied me into reading the script.” —Eva Green [Contact Music]

“The first time I drove I wrote off a car. My best friend and her brother had this little car on the farm they lived on and I pretended I could drive and got in it and hit the accelerator instead of the brake: Through a concrete bollard, ditch, fence. I had to climb out of the window covered in oil. That was my first experience.” —Sienna Miller [Contact Music]

“My past is littered with unbelievably inappropriate partners. I’ve been through some real humdingers over the years, or should I say hum-dingdingding-ers. I remember a guy I once dated who would say things like, ‘Bob really likes Susie. Bob wants Susie to get naked’. Then there was the freak who every time he went to the bathroom made me applaud.” —Susie Essman on her forthcoming humdinger of a memoir [Contact Music]

Danny DeVito Not Afraid to Give the People What They Want