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From Mos Eisley to Your Neighborhood Amphitheater

Star Wars Live: Great news! LucasFilm has announced a touring musical event, Star Wars in Concert, featuring selections from John Williams’s score accompanied by footage from the movies projected on a three-story screen, and followed by an exhibit of Star Wars memorabilia, including Williams’s original sheet music. And, best of all — it’ll be narrated by Anthony Daniels, a.k.a. C-muthafucking-3PO. Tour kicks off October 1 in Anaheim. [Variety]

Sneak Preview: After screening twenty minutes of life-changing cinematic event Avatar at Comic-Con yesterday, James Cameron announced an additional preview — on August 21, fifteen minutes of the movie will be shown at various Imax and 3-D theaters around the country. It’s not clear if it will be announced ahead of time which theaters, so we really hope the preview will be just randomly inserted into other, less mind-blowing 3-D movies. [Variety]

Oh Boy: YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank, a.k.a. Fred, will star in a live-action adaptation of the graphic novels Emo Boy, as a high schooler who believes he has emo powers. Jamie King will also appear, as Mrs. Hutcherson, a teacher and an emo sympathizer. [HR]

Getting Stranger: The Strangers, the Liv Tyler–Scott Speedman horror movie from last year, is getting a sequel. Laurent Briet, a French commercial and music-video veteran, will direct; Bryan Bertino, who wrote and directed the original, will pen the script. Why, you wonder? Because the first one, about a couple attacked by masked crazies at their summer house, was made for $9 million and grossed $80 million. Which begs the question — $9 million, total? What’s Liv Tyler getting paid to make movies these days? [HR]

Saw 5000: In less surprising horror-movie-sequel news, Saw VII has been greenlit and will start production in January. David Hackl, who was the production designer of three of the previous films, will direct. We’re pretty sure it’s a tradition of the franchise to keep the director role in-house, which is actually pretty cool — at the rate they make these things, the guy working craft service on the first one will eventually get to direct a sequel. [Variety]

From Mos Eisley to Your Neighborhood Amphitheater