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Help Name Ben Silverman’s New Company!

Details are slowly emerging today on Ben Silverman’s new Barry Diller–backed venture, which he’ll leave NBC for in September. It’ll be a “broad-based, 360-degree, multi-creative company” that “bridges the gap between traditional television and the Internet,” promises Diller in a press release. It’ll be “Warner Brothers meets [ad agendy] BBDO,” Silverman tells the Times. You see, because networks and advertisers are “operating in silos,” he explains to Vanity Fair, “there needs to be a company that breaks these silos down,” obviously. Sounds terrific! Still, some skeptics are claiming that Silverman’s new venture is just a slapdash, face-saving move designed to give him an out after an unsuccessful ride at NBC. Why? Probably because it doesn’t yet have name.

Here’s what we came up with:

• TigerVision
• Ben Silverman’s House of Blues
• Face-Save Productions
• WunderCorp
Swordfish Entertainment
Four Weeks Off Inc.

We’re sure you can do better, though. Leave your suggestions in the comments!

Help Name Ben Silverman’s New Company!