Lost Creators Avert Plane Crash at Comic-Con

Remember the end of Lost’s season-five finale when Juliet fell down a well and detonated a hydrogen bomb in hopes that it would send everyone back in time, thereby undoing all the events of the past 103 episodes? Well it worked, probably! At Comic-Con on Saturday, Lost creators Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof showed a pair of promos that strongly implied season six will take place in a reality in which Flight 815 never crashed: The first is an ad for Mr. Cluck’s Chicken Shack starring Hurley, the chain’s owner and spokesmodel, who references a recent vacation to Australia. The second is a commercial for Oceanic Airlines, touting the company’s 30-year crash-free safety record.

More proof that Flight 815 touched down in Oz Los Angeles without incident: During their panel, Cuse and Lindelof promised that both Juliet and Faraday will appear in upcoming episodes, despite their both having died last season. Also, Dominic Monaghan made a guest appearance, seemingly confirming that Charlie will be back too (even though Monaghan will also star in ABC’s upcoming FlashForward). Plus, at a separate panel for the CW’s The Vampire Diaries, Ian Somerhalder announced he’ll return as Boone, that guy who was in love with his stepsister and died by falling off a cliff back in season one.

Another revelation: Kate may not actually have murdered her stepfather in that gas explosion, which we watched her do in season two. On Saturday, they showed a clip from a fake episode of America’s Most Wanted (see below) which implied she was still a fugitive after killing not her stepfather but an innocent guy who’d come to check on the house. (So maybe when Juliet set off the bomb in the well, she reset time to a point before everyone boarded Flight 815?)

Of course, Lost being Lost, it might not be quite so simple as completely erasing the past five (or more) years with one nuclear explosion. During an audience Q&A, Jorge García took the mike and asked Cuse and Lindelof if resetting time would mean that fans of the show have wasted hundreds of viewing hours. To which Cuse replied, “Trust us.” Also: “Time travel season is over; the flash-forward season is over. We have something different planned [for season six].” So, most likely, next year viewers will be asked to follow multiple divergent time lines and Lost will continue to be baffling.

Anyway, here are the commercials for Cluck’s Chicken Shack and Oceanic Airlines:

And here’s Kate on America’s Most Wanted:

And you can watch the Lost Comic-Con panel in its entirety below (click the links at the end for parts two, three, and four). Keep an eye out for Paul Scheer’s cameo!

Lost Creators Avert Plane Crash at Comic-Con